Employer Pledge

By offering programs and incentives to encourage employees to participate in Park&Pedal during their commute, employers can:

  • reduce onsite parking costs,
  • reduce health care costs with healthier and more productive employees
  • lessen traffic congestion around the office
  • reduce carbon footprint

We encourage all businesses in the Boston area to sign the following pledge. If you’d like assistance developing a Park&Pedal program with your company, please contact us at info@parkandpedal.org


  • Employee Neighborhood Environment Oval v3We at ___________________ recognize the value of

1)  our employees,

2) our local community and neighborhood, and

3) the earth’s environment.

The ongoing health of all three is of paramount importance to us.

  • We therefore recognize the benefits associated with our employees

1) using alternative modes of commuting other than the private car, thereby reducing the impact on parking and traffic in its local community as well as reducing emissions, and

2) riding bicycles which promotes a healthy and physically active lifestyle.

  • Therefore, we hereby pledge on an ongoing basis to:

1) Actively encourage all our employees to participate in the Park&Pedal program in their daily commutes.

2) Provide facilities such as bicycle parking and showers, which allow employees to conveniently participate in Park&Pedal and other self-powered commuting methods.

3) Provide incentives to the extent that we deem appropriate to encourage and reward participation.

Print Name:  ____________________________

Signature:   _____________________________     Date:___________________


Download a PDF copy of the Corporate Park&Pedal Pledge here.


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