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Park&Pedal Takes Off – 200+ People Pedal from Herter Each Day

Look at all those cars that are not driving into Boston!

So it has finally happened.  I guess it was inevitable that the word would get out.  The Park&Pedal hub at Herter Park where I park each day is now, and has been for the last 4 weeks, totally full with more than 200 people parking and pedaling from there to their jobs. It is wonderful to see so many people that have changed their commuting habits due to this program. We have always said it is all about changing habits, and the evidence that that is happening is there to greet me every morning.

Even today, despite it being 66 degrees and rainy, more than 200 people chose not to pollute the air, not to add to traffic gridlock in Boston, not to pay exorbitant prices for parking near their jobs, and not to forego the opportunity to get some exercise on the way to work.  It’s all very exciting, and it shows how a simple program can go a long way toward reducing our carbon footprint. Thank you to everyone who is doing their part!


Today’s Forecast: Cold and Dark – Yet Many Still Park&Pedal


It is December in Boston Massachusetts. Temperatures are dipping below freezing making commuting by bicycle a cold proposition. Tonight the sun will set at 4:12pm and it will be dark before many people get out of work.  So riding a bike home from work requires riding in the dark, not something many people are willing to do.  And as of yesterday (December 1st of each year) the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR) Park&Pedal locations are no longer “in season”. DCR has found it may need its parking areas to deposit snow from local roads and can’t guarantee their availability.

Yet, despite all these reasons not to ride, today there were 62 people parking and pedaling to work from DCR’s Herter Park&Pedal hub, one of 20 Park&Pedal hubs in the greater Boston area.  These 62 people are extending the season past what was once considered a date when no one would be willing to ride and use the program.

By parking and pedaling today, those 62 people saved 887 pounds of emissions of carbon dioxide that they would have burned driving all the way to work. That is a whopping 7,750 cubic feet of greenhouse gases!  In one day!  At one location!

Great job park and pedalers! As time goes on, I am sure that more and more commuters will join you in realizing the health, financial, environmental, and time savings benefits that Park&Pedal offers.

Thanks you!

David Montague


Park&Pedal Picking Up Steam (and Saving CO2)

Today, unlike almost every other day of the year, Boston area commuters had many reasons to drive to work.  It is July 26th, the height of summer, when many are on vacation.  The Massachusetts Turnpike going into the city of Boston, which is choked by gridlock traffic almost every other day of the year, had 60 mile an hour traffic sailing into the city. And today, gas prices are near a ten year low, making driving and commuting by car cheap. And finally today it is hot outside, really hot. Heat wave hot. And sticky. Perfect weather for air conditioned driving.

Yet today, at the Herter Park&Pedal hub, one of 20 Park&Pedal hubs around the city of Boston, there were approximately 50 people who had decided to Park&Pedal in to their jobs, rather than take advantage of cheap gas and smooth sailing on an open turnpike.

I sat and watched as car after car pulled up, and pulled out a bike, and started the better part of their commute. I marveled at the fact that there were more than a dozen pickup truck drivers who had opted to leave their vehicle and ride their bike to work. Think of the emissions that saved!

All in all, with one location, on one day, the Park&Pedal program reduced emissions in the Boston area by a huge amount. Just the carbon dioxide alone that those 50 cars and trucks did not produce today totals around 6,730 cubic feet. That is substantial savings in emissions.  And the best part is, the price tag for setting up the program that made those savings possible was almost nothing. That’s right, Park&Pedal cost the taxpayers of Massachusetts virtually nothing.  It uses existing, underutilized weekday parking areas, some signs, and a little awareness.  And that’s it.

Park&Pedal is catching on quickly. It is getting people out of their cars, and onto their bikes for their commute. It reduces emissions. It also reduces gridlock traffic and parking issues near areas of employment, while providing commuters a healthy, less stressful way to get to work. Other cities, states, and countries would do well to note the success here in Massachusetts, and consider programs in their areas.

David Montague


Herter Park&Pedal Overflow Parking Available

Every day, for three weeks since the Park&Pedal Fest 2016 celebration, I have arrived at the Herter Park&Pedal hub for my morning commute around 8:15am. And without exception, every day it has been full.  Fortunately for me, at Herter, there is plenty of overflow parking. For the last three weeks I’ve noticed that the number of Park&Pedalers in the overflow parking has been growing, sometimes exceeding the number of Park&Pedalers in the sanctioned spaces.

Today I pulled up next to a woman who looked to be in her 60’s taking a bike off her car which she had parked in one of the overflow spaces. She did not look like a seasoned cyclist, but rather someone who might usually encourage her kids to ride their bikes, but stay in the comfort of her car for her own trips. Just like everyone else I have talked to on these great mornings of Park&Pedaling, she just loved the idea, and had, for the first time in many years, changed her routine of getting in her car and battling traffic all the way to work. She told me she was riding six miles in to work at Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, and was getting exercise and feeling a “mental health improvement” from not sitting in gridlock traffic. I nodded my head in agreement. What a great way to start off a beautiful Friday morning.



Recap: Park&Pedal Fest 2016 – Expansion!

On the morning of Friday June 17th, Park&Pedal Fest 2016 took place to celebrate a vast expansion of the Park&Pedal network. Montague Bikes worked alongside the Massachusetts Department of Conservation and Recreation, the City of Newton, and the town of Bedford to identify 15 new locations that now host Park&Pedal hubs. This brings the total number to 19 and expands the program into greater Boston to accommodate more commuters.


We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us, especially Department of Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack, Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Matthew Beaton, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. We greatly appreciate your support and efforts in this significant expansion of the country’s first Park&Pedal commuting network.

Also in attendance was Park&Pedal founder David Montague of Montague Bikes and Massachusetts State Representative Kevin Honan.


DCR addressing the crowd and media. Behind from left to right is David Montague, Mass EEA Secretary Matthew Beaton, and Mass DOT Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack.


Park&Pedal Fest was also an opportunity to bring together Boston’s cycling community. The event featured free breakfast, giveaways, bike raffles, music, bike tune-ups, and support from many of the area transportation and cycling groups. Thank you to Belmont WheelworksIggy’s BreadBoloco, Dunkin DonutsNaked Juice, Trader Joe’s Cambridge, Wegmans Chestnut Hill, 92.9 WBOSCommonWheels, Hubway, GeoOrbital, Superpedestrian, Rejjee,  Boston Cyclists UnionMassRIDES, Livable Streets, MassBike, the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, the Charles River ConservancyMassCommuteAllston Brighton TMA, Seaport TMA, Charles River TMACambridge Community Development, and the Arsenal Project.


No one loves coffee and donuts quite like cyclists!


Many organizations out spreading the word about alternative transportation.

DSC_0117Bike giveaway sign up!


WBZ Channel 4 News interviewing Park&Pedal founder David Montague.


All smiles from Massachusetts Dept. of Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack!


Wheelworks providing free tune-ups!


The Sierra club spreading the word about climate change.


Naked Juice was on site with their truck and lot’s of juice and smoothie samples!


Burritos from Boloco, and test rides of the Copenhagen Wheel electric motor.


What’s that green board in the background? A map of 15 new Park&Pedal locations just waiting to be unveiled!


Rejjee was on site registering bikes to combat theft.


Secretary Pollack chatting with David Montague and Renata von Tscharner, the founder and president of the Charles River Conservancy.


Awaiting the unveiling of all 15 new locations!


Massachusetts Department of Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack extolling the virtues of Park&Pedal. She often parks and pedals herself!


Park&Pedal founder David Montague addresses the crowd.


Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Matthew Beaton picking a lucky winner in our bike giveaway!


All the winners! Three Montague Bikes and a longboard courtesy of Honest Tea.


Thanks again to everyone who came to Park&Pedal Fest 2016! You can see all the new locations at http://www.parkandpedalmap.org/

Official Park&Pedal Launch Event!

On the morning of Friday July 31st, the launch event to celebrate Boston’s official Park&Pedal program took place in DCR’s Christian Herter Park to much fanfare. We want to thank everyone who came out to celebrate the country’s first car/bicycle multimodal commuting network, and a special Thank You goes to Energy and Environmental Affairs (EEA) Secretary Matthew Beaton, Department of Transportation Secretary and CEO Stephanie Pollack, and the Department of Conservation and Recreation. We greatly appreciate you lending your support for Park&Pedal and helping make the program a reality for many to enjoy.


When Secretary Pollack first heard about Park&Pedal, she immediately saw the potential that it offers in reducing the number of vehicles on the road, and reducing vehicle emissions. At the event she spoke eloquently about the benefits of the program for everyone’s benefit and enjoyment. Secretary Beaton, who is an avid cyclist that clearly puts in some miles, pushed the launch celebration forward and provided a fantastic personal account of how the program would affect commuters.

Also in attendance to help kick off the event was Park&Pedal founder David Montague of Montague Bikes, Massachusetts State Representative Kevin Honan, and Massachusetts State Senator Will Brownsberger.

Cutting the used bicycle tube ribbon! From left to right: MA State Rep Kevin Honan, Park&Pedal founder David Montague, DOT Secretary Stephanie Pollack, EEA Secretary Matthew Beaton, DCR Deputy Commissioner, MA State Senator Will Brownsberger


It was a fun filled morning with giveaways, bike raffles, and many delicious free breakfast treats. We want to extend a big thank you to all of our vendors for donating their time, service, food and beverage, and their help in promoting our event. Thank you to Iggy’s Bread, Crema Cafe, Union Square Donuts, BolocoWhole Foods Market, Naked Juice, Mix 104.1, Urban Adventours, Belmont WheelworksCommonWheels, Green Streets Initiative, Bern, Hubway, MassCommuteBoston Bikes, Boston Cyclists Union, MassBike, Cambridge Community Development, Charles River TMA, and Great Sky Solar.


Free water bottles and bike giveaway entries here!


We had so many supportive riders from the greater Boston bike community come out to celebrate, and many new riders getting on the bike thanks to the Park&Pedal network.


Secretary Pollack with David Montague.


Secretary Beaton chatting with Renata von Tscharner, president of Charles River Conservancy!


Hot, Iced, and Cold Brew coffee were flowing at the Crema Cafe tent!


Urban Adventours was on site to lend support and lead a ride into downtown Boston.


Belmont Wheelworks provided free bike service and tune ups!


Park&Pedal founder David Montague of Montague Bikes addresses the crowd.


Left: Priscilla Geigis, DCR Director of State Parks & Recreation watches the ribbon cutting.


Five Montague bicycles and a Bern helmet were given away to attendees. Congratulations to our winners shown here!

View all the photos from the official Park&Pedal launch event in our Facebook album.