Avoid Traffic and Save Time

When commuting into an urban area, the first leg of the journey is often traffic free. The suburbs and residential areas commuters come from usually allow for high speed highway driving. The last few miles entering a city are most congested, and often take the most amount of time.

Parking the car at this point of congestion and riding a bike for the last leg of the journey allows commuters to avoid sitting in traffic. This leads to faster commuting times.

Save Money

Parking in urban centers is expensive. Individuals and businesses spend countless dollars on parking near the workplace. Park&Pedal lots offer a low cost solution, and businesses that sponsor their own Park&Pedal lots pay for parking on the outskirts of the city where real estate is not at a premium.

Gasoline is a big expense for anyone who owns a car. By biking the last miles of a commute, less wear and tear is put on a commuters car each day, and less fuel is consumed. Over time, these expenses add up – big time.

Exercise and Stay Healthy

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 80% of adult Americans do not get the recommended amount of weekly exercise. Many modern jobs have workers sitting and inactive for 8 or more hours per day. Add long commute times to that equation and the risk of future health problems becomes a very real concern for a large part of the population.

Park&Pedal allows exercise to be integrated with a busy schedule.By making it part of the commute, extra time isn’t taken out of the day. And rather than working out inside a gym, Park&Pedal cyclists get their exercise outside in the sunlight and fresh air.


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