Terms of Use

The use of the Park&Pedal website and services is at your own risk. The website offers information about bicycle commuting. Bicycle commuting has inherent dangers, and by using the website, users hereby hold Park&Pedal and Montague Corporation harmless from any and all liability that arises out of its use. Only ride your bicycle on routes that you know and are comfortable riding. Always have your bicycle checked by a professional bicycle mechanic before riding, and always obey all traffic laws. Always wear a helmet.

Please do not park in front of anyone’s home. We suggest you consider those who live near where you are parking, and be as considerate to them as you would like them to be if parking near your home.

If the Park&Pedal location shares parking with another facility or venue, please do not occupy spaces that appear to be needed for the venue at that time. Remember, you are on your bicycle, so you are more mobile than those parking to access the venue. Your consideration will be appreciated.


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