As we return to work and travel in the coming weeks, we can expect to see a dramatic shift in behavior surrounding transportation. Experts agree that as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, people will largely avoid crowded public transportation, and turn to single occupancy vehicles. For those who live close enough to work, riding a bike is a great option, and we’re already seeing an uptick in the popularity of the bicycle in these times. But for those commuting longer distances, driving the entire trip might seem like the only option. If a large portion of the population turns to single occupancy automobiles, our infamously bad Boston traffic is going to get a lot worse.

Luckily, Park & Pedal offers a single occupancy mode of transportation that reduces the risk of exposure to contagions, but does not cause, or get stuck in, traffic. Park & Pedal hubs are located within cycling distance of areas of employment, allowing those coming from outside the city to park in a designated location before encountering the heaviest traffic congestion, and switch to an open air, individual bike ride for the remainder of the trip.

The concept is similar to Park & Ride, except it replaces the high public-exposure bus or train segment, with low-exposure, open-air, solo biking. As we plan to re-open the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, safe and reliable transportation options will be paramount to successful recovery. Park & Pedal delivers just that.



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