Park&Pedal Takes Off – 200+ People Pedal from Herter Each Day

Look at all those cars that are not driving into Boston!

So it has finally happened.  I guess it was inevitable that the word would get out.  The Park&Pedal hub at Herter Park where I park each day is now, and has been for the last 4 weeks, totally full with more than 200 people parking and pedaling from there to their jobs. It is wonderful to see so many people that have changed their commuting habits due to this program. We have always said it is all about changing habits, and the evidence that that is happening is there to greet me every morning.

Even today, despite it being 66 degrees and rainy, more than 200 people chose not to pollute the air, not to add to traffic gridlock in Boston, not to pay exorbitant prices for parking near their jobs, and not to forego the opportunity to get some exercise on the way to work.  It’s all very exciting, and it shows how a simple program can go a long way toward reducing our carbon footprint. Thank you to everyone who is doing their part!


2 thoughts on “Park&Pedal Takes Off – 200+ People Pedal from Herter Each Day

  1. Hi,

    The park and pedal initiative is great.
    I’ve tried to use it but almost ALL of the parking is consumed by workers from the construction project across the street on Soldiers Field road.
    How do we get the parking lot policed and policies enforced at this lot?


  2. Last time I visited I saw two construction workers pedal up and put their bikes on a rack, then drive away. Perhaps some of those workers were making a micro-commute to a nearby project in Allston, or biking to one of the dozens of construction projects a little further away?

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