4 thoughts on “Temporary Closure to Herter/Artesani Park 11/1/17 – 11/10/17

    1. DCR likely pushed the date back from the initial announcement. Unfortunately, we don’t always get notified by DCR of everything that can affect Park&Pedal locations. We will update our post.

  1. After the closure, a winter salt pile replaced a whole bunch of spots in that lot (makes sense, but for winter commuters, the # of spaces decreased and the lot reaches capacity quickly now.) Is this just a winter home for the salt, do we know?

    1. This is temporary. I believe the road salt will only be there until DCR completes work on a new maintenance yard. While you can certainly Park&Pedal all year whenever the lots are clear, DCR can only guarantee they will be clear and available April through November, which is indicated on the Park&Pedal signage.

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