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    Yesterday morn – 9/27/2017 – while pedaling to work along the charles straddling Soldiers Field in Brighton, I came across a DCR Ranger who was kind enough to allow me to engage him in conversation.

    I first told him of my first world problem of not being able to use the assigned ‘park and pedal’ spaces in the Herter Park parking lot. Additionally, I pointed out to him all the construction trucks parked in the vast majority of spaces in the lot. This was not news to him and he really tried to assure me that this is a known problem, many complaints have come in about it and the issue has been escalated to the top of the bureaucratic ranks w/in both the Parks Dept and the State Police.

    No specific actions or time frame were indicated: even if they were, I would be highly suspect of anyone promising anything. He did indicate that the issue would be ‘addressed’ w/in the next 2 months or so.

    Just wanted to let everyone know this – if you have ideas on how to escalate this or address it in a better/more-efficient fashion, please contact me to discuss. I have a Gmail account where the username is the following: jennifersostano2001

    Obv. no spam please.


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